After long consideration the ParlayMC team has decided to listen to the majority of the community. To avoid dragging things out where players are stuck waiting around...WE WILL RESET NOVEMBER 13th TUESDAY 10am EST

Before you get upset please keep reading

All players can take 2 Shulker boxes full of items!! This can be any armor,materials, or spawners the only limit is 4 of each spawner and NO Shulker or Iron Golem or spawners ANYTHING ELSE GOES take a shulker full of diamond ore if your heart desires lol ~Players that purchases keys in October will have their keys restored!!!

~ALL KITS AND RANKS STAY This reset will make the whole world 1.13.2 thus fixing 99.9% of our bugs! THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER RESET FOR ONE YEAR IN FULL (maybe longer!!)

I understand resets suck so I want to make this easy and quick as possible!! A reset will take a few hours to one day so what we need of the community: Please log on fill 2 shulker boxes full MAKE SURE YOU NAME THEM WITH YOUR USERNAME!! Go to /spawn there you will see the item drop off please throw your shulker boxes into the hopper thus securing your items! If there are any issues staff will contact the player. If you throw in more then 2 Shulker boxes we will remove all of that players items.

Once the server goes back live we will return all shulkers as players message staff to claim them! I look forward to this new chapter in the ParlayMC community and can’t wait to introduce the new items coming after reset such as: MOB ARENA. CASINO. ABILITY TO BUY KEYS IN GAME and much much more!!!!!


[O] LizCole tag posted Sep 11, 18

OktoberFest Events!

  • OCT 1ST - Pumpkin hunt begins!! Find all the hidden pumpkins by OCT 31st for a very SPOOKY prize!!

  • OCT 6TH - Murder Mystery! Log on OCT 6th 5pm server time for a very spooky event! 


  • OCT 13th - Costume Contest!- Submit your Scariest costume to the @ParlayMC twitter by the 13th 
  1. First place-10 LEGENDARY KEYS 1 Custom Head 1 Reaper Cloak 
  2. Second Place- 6 Legendary Keys 1 Custom Head
  3. Third Place 3 Legendary Keys 1 Custom Head

OCT 20th - Haunted House Contest! (all houses must be subbmitted on the forums under OktoberFest Contest by OCT 20th)

  1. First place - 10 Legendary Head Keys 1 Custom Head 1 Pumpkin King's Axe
  2. Second place 6 Legendary Head Keys 1 Custom Head
  3. Third place 3 Legendary Head Keys 1 Custom Head


ParlayMC posted Jul 11, 18

      We're Setting Sail! ParlayMC Server opens TODAY!! Join us at 21:00 EST (9 PM)! Everyone is welcome to join and we can't wait to see all our hard work finally open to the public! See you there!

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