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by LizCole » 26 days ago

Server Updates

(May 7th 2020)

  • Our rules have been updated, Please post a suggestion if you think we missed something or have any other input! 
  •  We have added one of are own custom plugins, called BandyInfo It can be used with the following commands 

/Staff - Provides a staff lists url message

/Discord - Provides a discord link
/youtube - Provides Panda’s Youtube channel and soon the ParlayMC Channel.
/Apply - Gives information on how to apply for staff 
/Report - Gives information on how to report a bug, issue, or player
/Twitter  - Provides the @ParlayMC Twitter account
/ip -Show the server ip in chat
/Email -Provides the official ParlayMC email address
/Website - provides our official website url
  •  KITS and RANKS are being added into the vote shop, you can spend vote points to get kits. 
Example of this is spend 600 vote points you get /kit viking I will be adding more kits as well so keep checking for updates with /vote gui! 


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