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Chest Shop Guide 19 days ago
How to Create a Shop
Place a chest on the ground
   Hit the chest with the item you want to trade
Type in price for the item (As prompted) in chat
Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell

Face the chest
Type either /qs sell or /qs buy to make the shop buy/sell instead (Optional: use /shop instead of /qs)
Stock the shop accordingly, if necessary.

How to Buy/Sell to a Shop
Find a shop
Hit / Left click the shop
Enter the amount you wish to trade in chat 
ChestShop Commands

/qs buy - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that buys items

/qs sell - Changes your shop you're looking at to one that sells items

/qs price <price /> - Change the price of your shop that you're looking at

/qs clean - Removes any existing shop that has 0 stock

/qs find <item /> - Use to find the nearest shop that begins with <item> - E.g. '/qs find dia' will find the nearest diamond shop.</item>

/qs create - Create a shop without clicking the chest.


How to use Staff feature for your shop:
Staff can help you manage your shop in-game, they can open your chest, set price, toggle selling, and buying.
But staff can't remove your shop or get money from your shop trades.

Add staff:
 /qs staff add <player />

Remove staff:
/qs staff del <player />

Remove all staffs:
/qs staff clear

Look all staffs for the shop:
/qs staff list


Towny Guide 19 days ago
Towny Guide
Quick Start:
You have two choices when starting with the towny gamemode. You can join a town, or start a new one. In order to join a town you will want to ask around to see if any towns are recruiting. View a list of all towns using:

/town list (page number)

You can click on the towns in the list to view more info. Some towns are open to the public meaning you can join without asking. To do this you will want to run:
/town join (town)

By default towns are not open, so the town members will need to invite you.They can do so with:

/town invite (player)

Once you are invited you can join at any point. Once you join a town you will want to visit the town. You can do so with:

/town spawn
/town spawn (town)

What is a plot?
This is a common question and one that the original plugin does not explain very well. Technically a plot is equal to one chunk in Minecraft. Your client comes pre-built with a way to visualize chunks and it is certainly the easiest way to see plots. To activate this you will want to press f3 and g at the same time. You might need to hold fn and f3, release fn, then press g. Once toggled on you will be able to see plots. Do the same thing to toggle it off.
Creating a town

To create a town you simply need to run:

/town create (name)

Once you've created your town you will want to start claiming land. You can find a random location in the Towny world using:


Once you find a place you like you can start claiming with:

/town claim

To unclaim land simply do:

/town unclaim

However you will need money in your town bank to claim a plot. To deposit to your town bank you will want to run:

/town deposit (amount)

Once you've added some funds you can start claiming some plots. If you ever need to take money out of the bank you can do so with:

/town withdraw (amount)

Once you have claimed a plot it will be safe from grief. You can claim 8 plots per player in your town. Once you hit your limit of 8 plots you will want to invite some people to your town. You can invite people using:

/town invite (player)

The invited player will need to accept the invitation using:

/town join (Town)

To help your town members find your town you will want to set a town spawn. You can do so using:

/town set homeblock 
/town set spawn/outpost/jail

Once the town home is set, your town members and outsiders can visit with:

/town spawn
/town spawn (Town)

That is the basics to making a town and inviting people, in the next section we will go over town permissions.

To leave a town use:

/town leave

Please note that if you own a town and leave it, it will delete the entire town!

Town Permissions
Once you have added some members to your town you may want to know how to let them build in your town. There are a number of ways to allow a player to build and help you manage your town which is what makes Towny such a unique claiming system. One of the key differences with ParlayMC Towny is that you can add players to a claim without needing them to buy the plot or even be part of the town. To add a player to a plot, run:

/res friend add (name)

If you want to remove a player from the plot simply run:

/res friend remove (name)

If you want to give a player permissions to have permissions across the entire town instead of per-plot, you will find the Towny ranking system very useful. To set someone's rank simply use:

/town rank add (player) (rank)

You can set a player's rank to anything you want, but only a few specific ranks will actually have permissions. The following ranks have permissions:

Assistant: Kick, Invite, Promote, Build, Sell Plots
Helper: Invite, Build
Builder: Build

You can set a player's rank to any of the ranks above to give them those permissions across the entire town. Be careful who you promote! To view a list of ranks and their permissions use:
/town ranks
/town ranklist

If you need to kick someone from your town you can do so with:

/town kick (name)

Don't forget, once you invite someone to your town, they can join at any time. To remove the invite from someone just kick them from the town, even if they haven't joined yet.

If you want to open your town such that anyone can join without an invite, simply run:

/town open

You can toggle it off with the same command.

If you want to prevent players from visiting your town spawn, simply use:

/town private

and again you can toggle this by running the same command.

Useful Commands

To help you visualize the claims around you, we've made a text based map. To open the map run:

/town map
Each letter represents a chunk. A gray X means the chunk is unclaimed. The green letter is the chunk you are standing in. You can hover over the other letters to see what town the chunk belongs to.

To get more info on a town you can also run:

/town info
/town info (town)
/town here

This will give you information on your town, a specified town, or the town you are currently standing in.
This is a good way to check your town size, upkeep, bank, members, etc.

Plot Selling

One of the main points of Towny is the ability to sell plots in your town and charge a daily tax on them too. To sell a plot you can run:

/plot sell (price)

This will put the plot up for sale for the desired price. Please note that a price of zero will set the plot as not for sale. You may also want to add a daily tax to the plot which will force the buyer to give your town money every day for as long as they own the plot. You can set a plot's tax with:

/plot tax (price)

Note that once someone buys a plot you can't change the taxes until the plot is unclaimed again.

When you are happy with your prices you can ask your town members to purchase the plot. The player can claim the plot by standing in the plot and typing:

/plot buy

Once they have purchased the plot they will be able to add other player's to the plot, build on it, and even sell it themselves as if they owned it. However the plot will still be part of the town no matter what they do. 

If someone resells a plot, meaning they are not the Town owner or assistant and they purchase a plot then sell it to someone else, then the town will take 30% of the profits from the sale and the plot owner will get 70%. To resell a plot the plot owner simply runs /plot sell (price). Please note that the plot's taxes will still go to the town regardless of who is selling it.

To stop selling a plot simply run:

/plot notforsale

To get more info on a plot you can use:

/plot info

To list all the members that are trusted to a plot use:

/plot members

When selling a plot, normally the person who purchases the plot must also be part of the town. If you want to allow outsiders to buy a plot you can do so with the following command.

/plot embassy

An embassy plot can be claimed by anyone, even if they are not part of the town.
Town Upkeep
Towns also pay a daily tax depending on their size. The taxes are taken from the town bank. If the town does not have enough money to pay its taxes it will fall and your town can be raided! You can see your current upkeep with /town info

Town chat
You can communicate with your town members using the town chat feature.

To send a message to all your town members online use:

/tc (message)

To toggle town chat on or off so that all messages go to town chat, use:


For a quick list of commands run /plot or /town. You can hover over each command for a quick description. 
Good luck with your town! Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas!

Learn the art of brewing through fermenting, distilling and barrel aging on ParlayMC. Experience how, spring water and wheat,and hard work, a cool beer is created. Distill high-proof liquor, which gets that unique taste after some aging in oak barrels. Celebrate the biggest feasts you can imagine and always keep the cheerful atmosphere. Fill the taverns with laughter and loud music, while the drunkards scuffle on the streets.


  • Brew alcoholic Drinks, that actually can make you drunk
  • Drunk people will stagger, the chat is influenced, effects and more
  • Wake up at /home after a long night of drinking
  • Lower quality brewed drinks have downsides like hangover
  • Process of brewing with different steps like fermenting, distilling, aging
  • Refine the quality, until the Drinks are perfect
  • Master the brewing of even the most difficult Drinks


Unlike in vanilla Minecraft it is not as easy as adding an ingredient to a brewing stand and waiting for it to finish. Depending on the recipe the whole process can be difficult and time consuming. Some recipes may need a high precision when it comes to ingredients or any other step in the process. If one step was not good enough, the quality of the brews may suffer, leading to side effects like bad alcohol and other toxics.
Depending on the recipe, some steps may not be needed (if a step is not listed in the recipe, it is not required for the brew) The following instruction describes the common procedure of brewing.
Step one consists of fermenting the fresh Ingredients.
  1. Place cauldron over a heat source (fire of some sort)
  2. Fill the cauldron with water
  3. Add ingredients with a rightclick **Some ingredients require special placement for the cauldron to accept them. Check the list of bugs at the bottom of this post.**
  4. Wait while they ferment
  5. Fill in glass bottles
Use a clock on a cauldron if you want to know the time the ingredients have been fermenting.

  1. Put the bottle with fermented brew into the brewing stand
  2. Put glowstone dust as filter on top into the brewing stand (the filter will not be consumed)
A barrel is needed for aging. It can be built two ways:
  • Small barrel
    8 Wooden stairs built like this:

    Place a sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" in the top line:

    Message "Barrel created" should appear
  • Big barrel
    4 fence, 16 wooden stairs, 18 wood planks built like this (can be hollow inside):


    Attach a spigot (fence) and a sign that has "Barrel" written on the first Line:

  • Message "barrel created" should appear
    You may remove the sign from the big barrel after creating it. The sign MUST REMAIN on the small barrel though.
The small barrel is opened with a right click on the sign, the big barrel with a right click anywhere on the barrel.

Put the bottles into the barrels for aging.
Depending on the recipe the type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged brew.

The barrel should not be destroyed while aging, as it would leak after a short while.

When breaking the spigot, everything inside will spill out.

The amount of alcohol inside the brew will be applied to the player when drinking. Depending on the quality of it, that may have different effects.
  • The Player may not be able to walk normally anymore, he will weave, making it almost impossible to walk straight
  • Effects like Blindness, Confusion, Poison etc. occur
  • The chat will be altered depending on drunkeness, many things players write may be incomprehensible, sometimes it seems senseless (this feature is currently disabled until it can be configured properly) 
  • If the alcohol is particularly strong, it may have poisonous effects
  • After drinking a lot, there is a chance of vomiting
  • When logging off, the player may have difficulties reaching his character, thus some loggins shortly after may be denied
  • After overdrinking the player may faint (Disconnect)
Getting Sober
After drinking it takes a while until the alcohol is completely gone. During that time the alcohol level is steadily decreasing. It can be decreased by consuming milk or bread as well.
  • When logging off extremely drunk, it may happen that, if the player logs back in after a while, he may find himself at an completely unknown place in the middle of nowhere having no idea how he got there.
  • But if he logs back in after some hours or next morning, he will find himself at /home, again without any memories.
  • Also if the alcohol was not of best quality, the player may face some bad type of hangover (slowness and hunger).


Server Updates! 26 days ago

Server Updates

(May 7th 2020)

  • Our rules have been updated, Please post a suggestion if you think we missed something or have any other input! 
  •  We have added one of are own custom plugins, called BandyInfo It can be used with the following commands 

/Staff - Provides a staff lists url message

/Discord - Provides a discord link
/youtube - Provides Panda’s Youtube channel and soon the ParlayMC Channel.
/Apply - Gives information on how to apply for staff 
/Report - Gives information on how to report a bug, issue, or player
/Twitter  - Provides the @ParlayMC Twitter account
/ip -Show the server ip in chat
/Email -Provides the official ParlayMC email address
/Website - provides our official website url
  •  KITS and RANKS are being added into the vote shop, you can spend vote points to get kits. 
Example of this is spend 600 vote points you get /kit viking I will be adding more kits as well so keep checking for updates with /vote gui! 


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